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Automate Operations. Boost Revenues.

Our Software Development Company concern with the motto “To make it happen” exclusively in providing customized solutions. We strive to build solutions to your specific needs and to get the job done right the first time, every time. We pay special attention to the ease of use and utilize the latest in technology.Itech Solutions is a privately held software development company established in Nov 2006 (with 11 years of experience). Since its foundation, we have delivered many cost-effective, high quality and user-friendly software solutions, for a wide range of industries (Predominantly Hospitality industry).



Itech Solutions drives yield, profitability & excellence in service standards through marketing strategies, analytics & our reservation system



Lower your guest acquisition costs through behavioural intelligence analytics, remarketing strategies & tools



Save more time & effort with Itech Solutions – From managing day to day activities to adjustments on your digital space on the Internet

Itech Solutions Hotel Software, Perfect Control, Perfect Distribution Management.

Itech Solutions allocates your rooms to several online channels and controls your inventory. When a room is sold Itech Solutions will automatically reduce the availability on all the channels. Moreover, it will keep track of your inventory to increase your rates to maximize your revenue.

Cine Theatre Software’s

Itech Solutions is a widely deployed software application, designed by Itech that brings anytime anywhere management, decision making intelligence and scalability to grow your cinema operation. Catering to customers from single screens to large cross geographical multiplex chains, screen plex simplifies your cinema operations by bringing the right level of visibility and control in the hands of management for effective management. Itech Solutions is a combination of software and strategy. It empowers daily cinemas and multiplex operations due to its User-friendly design, Hassle-free installation, Cost Effectiveness, Anytime accessibility, Useful reports for analytics & Website Content Gateway.


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